Bolt’s Jeep JL Hood Lock Compatible with Jeep Gladiator JT

MILWAUKEE – BOLT Lock has announced its Jeep(r) JL Hood Lock (Part Number 7032302) is compatible with Jeep Gladiator Sport, Sport S, Overland and Rubicon edition pickup models. BOLT’s line of “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology” locks use the vehicle’s ignition key to operate a variety of lock products.

The BOLT Jeep Hood Lock has patented technology which allows the lock to be permanently programmed to the vehicle’s ignition key upon the first insertion and rotation. Using specialized spring-loaded tumblers, which move up and down to uniquely code the cylinder to that specific key, BOLT Locks are weather proof and tamper resistant.

“Jeep owners who want to prevent hood flutter as well as protect items under the hood from theft will appreciate the convenient security of our innovative, one-key locks that operate with their Jeep’s ignition key,” said Jason Buckles, BOLT Lock’s sales account manager. “We designed the hook lock so it’s easy for Jeep owners to remove the key from either the locked or unlocked position.”

Gladiator owners can modify their current stock JT grille by cutting a small section of the grille to accommodate the BOLT hood lock device. A template is provided on the BOLT Lock website indicating the exact cut out required.

Other BOLT Lock products for the Jeep Gladiator include a receiver lock, a coupler pin lock, padlock, cable lock and off-vehicle coupler lock. All BOLT products are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Visit to learn how BOLT locks work.

Sebastian Krywult

As a transplant from Poland, Sebastian Krywult has a sense of adventure flowing through his veins. He’s been an active member of the Arizona Off-Road community since 2007 exploring the endless desert landscapes and sharing his story through photography. Between developing software full time and practicing Jiu Jitsu, Sebastian always finds the time to look for his next adventure whether it be documenting a stage rally race, producing desert racing content or trekking down another unbeaten path in the Arizona high desert.