Bryce Menzies Triumphs in King of the Hammers Toyo Tires Desert Invitational

16 teams entered Thursday’s Toyo Tires Desert Invitational, King of the Hammers’ premier showcase for T1 desert trucks, but only six survived to the finish. When all was said and done, it was Bryce Menzies who came out on top, earning the winner-take-all $100,000 cash prize with a time of 5:29:10.595.

Menzies beat defending event winner Luke McMillin to the finish by just over six minutes. BJ Baldwin was third, with Dan McMillin’s new-look ride in fourth, Kevin Thompson scored in fifth, and Raul Gomez completing the finisher list in sixth. Behind them, Sourapas Motorsports completed two of the three laps, but was unable to get to the finish.

No other truck completed more than one lap, including the renumbered #24 of Andy McMillin, which paid tribute to the late Kobe Bryant for the event. After a series of flat tires had already impeded their pursuit of Menzies for the victory, McMillin rolled his truck on the second lap; nobody was injured. Cameron Steele withdrew after experiencing steering issues, while Casey Currie suffered a near-immediate failure in his Trophy Jeep, which he had entered to gain more time on course before Friday’s Ultra4 race.

Full results from the Toyo Tires Desert Invitational were as follows:

Pos. No. Name Laps Total Time Diff.
1 7 Bryce Menzies 3 05:29:10.595  
2 83 Luke McMillin 3 05:35:47.371 00:06:36.776
3 97 BJ Baldwin 3 05:51:13.465 00:22:02.870
4 17 Dan McMillin 3 06:07:59.141 00:38:48.546
5 70 Kevin Thompson 3 06:10:07.016 00:40:56.421
6 90 Raul Gomez 3 06:38:23.520 01:09:12.925
DNF 88 Steven Sourapas 2 03:51:35.758 1 Lap
DNF 24 Andy McMillin 1 01:47:39.481 2 Laps
DNF 14 Robert Pecoy 1 01:54:21.300 2 Laps
DNF 16 Cameron Steele 1 02:02:28.475 2 Laps
DNF 41 Justin Lofton 1 05:20:32.245 2 Laps
DNF 38 Eric Hustead 1 05:26:03.354 2 Laps
DNS 2 Casey Currie     DNS
DNS 11 Rob MacCachren     DNS
DNS 25 Jax Redline     DNS
DNS 40 Nick Nelson     DNS

King of the Hammers continues later today with the premier Ultra4 race. Click here to watch the live stream!

Chris Leone

A veteran of the motorsports industry (both physical and digital), Chris Leone contributes coverage of race events of all types to Off-Road Racer. Elsewhere, he is the marketing/communications manager at iRacing, media director of Jim Beaver's Down & Dirty Show, and a frequent contributor to UTV Underground.