King of the Hammers 2020 in +30 photos.

Here’s my favorite photos of ‘KOH week’ including from all the races we had the opportunity to shoot!

Hammertown wide. | Johnson Valley, CA | February 2020
Opposition lanes. | Hunter Miller #190 | UTV Race
Best spectating ever. | Jeremy Mcgrath | UTV Race
Excuse me. | Heather Smith | UTV Race
Jump! | Brian Tilton | UTV Race
In trouble. | Casey Currie | UTV Race
Not-a-Drone shoot | Mitch Guthrie Jr. | UTV Race
Rock layers. | Casey Currie | UTV Race
Why me? | Casey Currie| UTV Race
Chaos. | Shootout night | Chocolate Thunder
Scout the night. | Safety crew | Chocolate Thunder
Own the night. | Safety crew | Chocolate Thunder
I hope the beers were worth it. | Unknown driver | Chocolate Thunder
Like a horror movie. | Unknown driver | Chocolate Thunder
Stars and stripes. | Unknown driver | Chocolate Thunder
The enemy. | Power hour | Time Trials
Light and shadows. | Power hour | Time Trials
Golden dust. | Power hour | Time Trials
Piece of heaven. | Power hour | Time Trials
Paradise. | Unknown driver | Johnson Valley CA
Rush hour. | Nate Williams | Johnson Valley, CA
The Johnson Valley. | Logan Goodall | Guacamole trail
Red Eyes. | Jimmy Jack | Guacamole trail
On the hunt. | Lovell Brothers | Johnson Valley, CA
Rock eater. Jimmy Jack | Guacamole trail
Dust Storm. | Luke McMillin | Johnson Valley, CA
T1 over hammertown. | Andy McMillin | Johnson Valley, CA
Newest toy. | Bryce Menzies | Johnson Valley, CA
Turn with g-out. | Nick Nelson | Johnson Valley, CA
Shots multiply in coolness with a heli on it. | Unknown driver | Johnson Valley, CA
Purple haze. | Loren Healy | Clawhammer Trail
Jeep on the rocks. | Chris Miller | Clawhammer Trail
Motos are no joke. | Jeff Martin | Backdoor Trail
Got dust? | King of Motos | Start Line
Superhero | King of Motos | Backdoor Trail
Done. | King of the Motos | Backdoor Trail
Ernesto Araiza

Being born right in the heart of Off-Road Racing, Ernesto always had a dream to be an Off-Road Racer. After finish college he ditched his engineer career to chase the dream of action photographer. It didn't took long to get spotted by MadMedia where he still works. In less than 5 years after 'going pro' he reached some of the most important peaks in his life working for several international brands and events like the Rally Dakar. After 30 years of dreaming, he still have one goal in mind, to keep his face full of dust.