Mickey Thompson Vintage Buggie

Mickey Thompson Challenger IV Restored

“Built in 1977, Challenger IV was the brain child of none other than Speed King, Mickey Thompson. Always the innovator, while everyone else in the off road racing world built VW powered race cars with 10″ of wheel travel, Challenger IV was built with a monster V8 and suspension travel that nearly doubled its competition. MT was never satisfied with the norm, that’s why he always used the best parts available on his racer. On the rear of Challenger IV you’ll find 41” shocks, unheard of in those days, or even until the mid 1980’s. The innovation from this vehicle can be seen in the form of shock, tire and suspension technology in today’s off road racing vehicles. Challenger IV was raced from 1978 to mid 1980, and then replaced with the more advanced Challenger V.

Mickey Thompson Vintage Buggie

After Mickey and Trudy’s untimely death in 1988, Challenger IV made its way up to Eugene, Oregon and has remained there for the past 17 years, sitting in a loft, waiting patiently for restoration.”

Owner:Rory Ward
Chassis:Challenger IVBuilt by: Smokey Allerman, John House, Bruce Parrish and Danny Thompson.
Engine:383 Chevy, C&R radiator, REF Unlimited headers, Howe PS, Kroyer pulleys, Holley fuel system.
Transmission:Gearworks 2 speed power glide
Shocks:Front- 2.5 King smooth bodyRear-  3.0 King Coil Over
Seats & Safety:Custom Mastercraft “Suspended” suspension seat/belts, Titanium trans scatter shield.
Rear Axle:Magnesium Dana 60 prepped by Sandy Cone, Halibrand knock-off hubs.
Brakes:Wilwood calipers and rotors
Steering:Saginaw prepped by Howe Performance
Wheels:Front- Centerline 15×7.5Rear-  Centerline 15×9
Tires:Front-  MT Baja Belted 33×14.50×15Rear-  MT Baja Kings36×13.50×15
Lighting:Original-  Cibie OscarsNORRA-  Baja Designs XL Pro Squadron LED’s
Body:Powdercoat-  AllcoatAluminum Body-  Nye FrankWing-  Zoom Factor (Larry Stork & Scott Neth).
Special Notes:Wiring: TRH WiringPlumbing: Earls PerformanceIgnition:  ACCELFuel cell:  Pyrotect (44 gallons)Torsion bars:  Sway-a-wayFilters:  K&N FiltersSpecial thanks:  Collins Motorsports, Pete Corwin, Bear race cars, Curt Leduc, SBP Motorsports, MT Tires and Lyndy Thompson.
Ernesto Araiza

Being born right in the heart of Off-Road Racing, Ernesto always had a dream to be an Off-Road Racer. After finish college he ditched his engineer career to chase the dream of action photographer. It didn't took long to get spotted by MadMedia where he still works. In less than 5 years after 'going pro' he reached some of the most important peaks in his life working for several international brands and events like the Rally Dakar. After 30 years of dreaming, he still have one goal in mind, to keep his face full of dust.