Carlos Sainz and Catie Munnings driven “to push the limits of Extreme H’s hydrogen-powered car”

June 26, 2024
Kilian Hamlin

Carlos Sainz and Catie Munnings are joining the evolution of racing with the launch of Extreme H, the world’s first FIA World Championship racing series to feature hydrogen-powered cars.

Sainz and Munnings were in London for the unveiling of the futuristic Pioneer 25 race car. The vehicle’s hydrogen fuel cells mark the dawn of a new era for motorsport as an equal number of male and female drivers will race the Pioneer 25 during Extreme H’s maiden championship next year.


Here’s the snapshot of Carlos Sainz and Catie Munnings at Extreme H launch:

- Spanish motorsport legend Carlos Sainz is the first-ever driver to win the Dakar Rally in a hybrid-powered car and as founder of Extreme E’s ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team he feels “an obligation to make motorsport more sustainable.”

- British driver Catie Munnings has been a breakout star of the Extreme E Championship with podium results in Saudi Arabia, Italy and the UK as well as a famous race win in Greenland. Munnings is sure “the unpredictable nature of this new series will keep things exciting.”

- Extreme H brings wheel-to-wheel racing to three continents during a 10-round season in 2025. All competitors will drive the 550-horsepower hydrogen-fuelled Pioneer 25 race car.

- Extreme H builds on the work of the Extreme E Championship, with a grid of top-tier male and female competitors driving forward together on the road to a sustainable future for motorsport.


Deep Dive:

- Rally drivers Carlos Sainz and Catie Munnings made the trip to London to check out the ground-breaking, hydrogen-powered Pioneer 25 race car decked out with Red Bull livery.

- Munnings said after her first look at the Pioneer 25: “The car is a wider and bigger machine than we’re used to. The suspension has improved to allow us to race in even tougher conditions. We’re all given the same car to race so it’s a pure test of your skill as a driver. That’s the thing that excites me most about racing Extreme H.”

- Sainz added: “Motorsport is my passion and I’m willing to give everything to this sport. I want to be part of a competitive series and to push the limits of Extreme H’s hydrogen-powered car.”

- The Pioneer 25 hydrogen-powered vehicle was unveiled onboard the St Helena ship, moored on the River Thames. A fleet of Pioneer 25 race cars will be raced by male and female drivers in the inaugural Extreme H series coming next April.

- Sainz emphasised the importance of Extreme H’s policy of gender equality: “This is the championship that gives female drivers the opportunity to compete at the same level as male drivers. The racing format is fantastic and the progression of the female drivers since the early days of Extreme E has been unbelievable.”

- During the unveiling in London a 10-round race calendar for Extreme H’s debut season was also revealed. Races are set for Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, the UK and the USA in 2025. Exact race dates and locations plus a full roster of teams and drivers will be confirmed later this year.

- Sainz is ready to get this brand-new adventure started: “Visiting new places is one of the best things about being involved in motorsport, especially when the terrain is good for racing.”

- Munnings added: “The vision driving this championship is mind-blowing and we’re all excited to race hydrogen-powered cars. Extreme H is taking the lead on sustainability in motorsport. Everyone on the team - the drivers, the engineers, everyone - has to be on the top of their game. The championship has its own spontaneity and every race is different.”

- Sainz is also excited by the challenges to come: “We want to create a sustainable future for motorsport and this is a clear example of how we can achieve it. The challenge is a tough one but I have total confidence in everybody involved.”

- The next major event for Extreme H will be the first public test of the Pioneer 25, taking place at Extreme E’s Hydro X Prix in Scotland in July. There will also be an intensive period of testing alongside the Island X Prix in Sardinia in September.