CJ Greaves 3-peats the FCP Community Cup Race in Crandon

June 28, 2024
Kilian Hamlin

June 22-23, 2024 (Crandon, WI)–Mother nature was not kind to the races at Crandon International Raceway this past weekend as they were greeted with a rainout for Saturday’s round 5. However, Sunday brought sunshine and a full day of racing. The Greaves Duo had their Monster Energy, Toyota, Toyo Tire, Vision Wheel, FoxShox trucks ready to continue their winning tradition at the fabled track. The Pro-4 race was in the morning to allow prep time for the evening’s 31st Annual Forest County Potawatomi Cup Race. CJ swept both races, claiming his 3rd cup race win in a row. Johnny finished 2nd in both races (2nd of the Pro-4’s and 3rd overall in the cup race). CJ ran strong in the Pro Stock SXS class and led most of the race. He had mechanical issues but nursed his Polaris SXS to a 4th place finish.

Pro Stock SXS

Sunday: The Pro Stock SXS kicked off with the famous landrush start. CJ’s Polaris made it through FCP turn one and took 3rd in Calamity Corner. After a long red flag delay, racing resumed and CJ quickly made his way to the top spot which he held up to the competition caution.

CJ led the single file field to the green flag and stayed out front until about 2 minutes left in the race. He experienced a mechanical problem that took him off pace. He nursed it to the end and managed a 4th place finish.

Pro Mod SXS

Sunday: Two rows of Pro SXS cars lined up for the landrush. CJ had the preferred position on the inside of the front row. The massive field of 19 4-wheel drive side-by-sides plowed through turn one. When the dust settled, CJ was in 4th. After only a few laps, a clogged radiator put CJ in limp mode. He finished 14th. He is still hanging around in the top 4 in points.


Sunday: The huge Crandon track is perfect for the powerful Pro-4’s. A larger than normal field of 12 trucks were on the grid for the hair-raising landrush to turn one holeshot. The elder Greaves beat everyone to turn one and took the early lead followed by CJ in a close second. The two Monster Energy Toyota’s put on a show for the fans. They went door-to-door and nose-to-tail several times during their performance. Johnny led at the halfway point.

On the restart, Johnny powered ahead to continue his lead. All the trucks were running bumper to bumper through the Gravel Pit turn. CJ was battling with Henderson for the 3rd spot while Johnny had his hands full with RJ Anderson. With about 4 minutes to go in the race, Johnny has a problem that shook up the running order. He went from 1st to 4th. Anderson took the lead and Adrain Cenni moved into second although the top 4 were all still close together. Cenni spun-out at the exit of the Gravel Pit Turn and wound-up on the rocks. CJ and Johnny moved up to 2nd and 3rd. With only a few laps remaining, CJ pushed past Anderson who was experiencing some mechanical problem. Johnny also made it around Anderson’s machine and the Duo hit the finish line in 1st and 2nd.

FCP Community Cup Race

The 31st Annual Forest County Potawatomi consisted of 13 Pro-2’s and 9 Pro-4’s. The Pro-2’s got a nearly 30 second head start with Mickey Thompson taking the lead. When the Pro-4’s got their green flag, CJ took the lead with Johnny right behind him for the 10 lap race. By lap 8, CJ was already in the middle of the Pro-2’s. He picked them off one by one, gaining ground as he headed towards the front running Thompson. On the final lap, Thompson did his best to hold off the hard charging Greaves, but CJ was too strong with 4-wheels digging. He completed the pass for the lead to win his 3rd cup race in a row. Johnny was close, but finished 3rd just behind Thompson.

The next race will be at ERX Motor Park in Elk River Minnesota on July 12-13.