NORRA 500 Expands To Three Days Of Racing

June 24, 2024
Kilian Hamlin

NORRA promised “More in 24” and we are delivering. The NORRA 500 will expand to include three days of competition. Registration opens Monday, July 8th at 12:00 pm Pacific Time. The event begins Wednesday, October 9th in Ensenada with tech inspection, UTV qualifying and the welcome fiesta. On Thursday Oct 10; Race Day 1, competitors will complete special stages of timed racing before eventually reaching San Quintin for the night. NORRA will sell all rooms in San Quintin hotels. Due to limited supply, there will be 2 rooms available per race team at online registration. The race course then travels from San Quintin to San Felipe for the night and then returns to Ensenada on day three of competition.

Safari participants will travel to the famous Mike’s Sky Rancho on race day one. On day two of racing, Safari participants will cheer on the racers as the entire rally heads to San Felipe. On Saturday the 12th, day three of racing, the course travels back to Ensenada and the finish line celebration. This route pays homage to the NORRA, Baja 500 course back in 1970. Sunday morning will be awards pick-up so teams can get going towards home before the weekend is over.

“More in 24” means NORRA gives you more competition, more challenge and more of Baja than anyone. The NORRA 500 has four wheel vehicle classes for everything from the vintage era classes to the latest technology Evolution Era trucks, buggies and UTV’s. UTV’s will have qualifying for day one starting positions and big prize money for overall event winners. Qualifying positions are critical because Pro Turbo & Pro 2000 class competitors will be battling it out for purses totaling $20,000; $10,000 dollars for each class. Many other trophies and prizes will be awarded.

If you don’t have a race vehicle, we have something for you; the Safari class is unique to NORRA. It is a guided tour of Baja that puts you right in the mix of the NORRA 500. We created it so people who don’t have race cars can still participate. You will take the green flag each day, follow some of the racecourse, and have time for photos, scenic vistas, and local fare. You will see the Baja that only the most seasoned Baja travelers know. Your experienced guides will make sure to get you to the best sights and across the finish line each night. Helmets and race suits are not necessary in this class, but we invite you to check the Safari rules on the NORRA website www.norra.com/rules.

The NORRA 500 is a fun and challenging event that is great for seasoned competitors as well as those who are new to racing in Baja. Easy logistics and incredible terrain are just some of the many aspects of this 3 day stage racing event that make it so popular. The fun, the challenge, the comradery, the food and the culture in Baja make the NORRA 500 unlike any other event. To sign up or for news alerts, results, information, videos, and more, go to www.norra.com. Don’t miss out on the best Baja racing and adventures to be had at the NORRA 500.