Racer Profiles: Cole Potts Turns His Childhood Dreams into Racing Excellence

July 1, 2024
WESTx 1000

Cole Potts was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, at a young age to chase a dream. Now residing in the Southwest, Cole competes in the 4-Wheel Drive Unlimited Trucks or Trick Truck class, driving a 4WD Houston Trophy Truck. This truck, once owned by Bryce Menzies, is known for its speed and innovation, setting Cole apart in the racing community.

Cole’s first memory of off-roading dates back to his childhood, riding dirt bikes at the age of three or four. His passion for the sport was ignited when he witnessed the 2009 Primm 300, an experience that solidified his desire to race off-road. Watching the trophy trucks, including his father's, opened his eyes to a different world, one he knew he had to be part of.

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Potts’ racing journey began like a lot of people’s, with motocross, where he honed his skills before transitioning to buggies around the age of ten. His dedication to the sport led him to various racing disciplines, including Stadium Super Trucks and the grueling Dakar Rally. His mentor and role model in both racing and life is Robby Gordon, a close friend and business associate. Robby’s influence and knowledge have been invaluable to Cole, helping him navigate the complexities of the racing world.

Cole admires many figures in motorsports, but if he could throw a high-five at any competitor, it would be the late Parnelli Jones. Jones’ transition from road course racing to off-road success in Baja with the Ford Bronco resonates with Cole’s own diverse racing background.

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Nutrition and fitness play a critical role in Cole’s preparation ahead of a big race. His regimen includes road biking, mountain biking, and hiking in the Arizona heat, which helps him acclimate to the dry, dusty desert conditions he encounters behind the wheel. Before and during competitions, Cole fuels up with energy bars and hydration packets. Despite his intense focus, Cole doesn’t rely on music to get pumped up - instead, he embraces the nickname "Cold Bore," a testament to his ability to jump right into action without needing a warm-up.

Among his many achievements thus far, Cole considers the opportunity to race worldwide as his greatest. Competing in different countries and interacting with diverse fans has enriched his racing career. His team, though small, is highly dedicated and driven by the same hunger for success. Cole credits his father, a key figure in his journey, and his team at Potts Racing for their support and hard work.

“Lining up at the start of the Mint 400 is like our Indy 500. It feels awesome, a real race always with tough competition in the desert.”

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While racing in the Unlimited Off-Road Racing Series, Potts plans on not only winning his class but also the overall championship. He and his team meticulously plan, test, and execute their strategies for each race, continuously learning and adapting. The Mint 400 holds a special place in Cole’s heart, akin to the Indy 500 in its significance. Which meant winning his class at this prestigious race was a tough but immensely rewarding experience for the young driver.

Looking ahead, Cole plans to compete in the California 300, targeting both class and overall victories. Reflecting on his racing journey, however, Cole’s advice to his younger self would be to embrace the mantra, “In order to finish first, you must first finish.” His racing philosophy is grounded in resilience, continuous learning, and a relentless drive to succeed, making him a formidable competitor in the off-road racing world.

Want to follow along Cole's race efforts? Check him out on Instagram colepotts60.

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