May 20, 2024
Chris Leone

PR via Red Bull Scramble Series


Corbin Leaverton Wins the SXS Pro Class and Devin Smith Wins the Sportsman Class

Wildwood, New Jersey (May 19, 2024) - As the 2024 Red Bull Scramble National Championship reaches its midpoint, our attention turns to the shores of Wildwood, New Jersey, for the second installment of Red Bull Beach Scramble, marking the halfway point of the series. Nestled between two piers on Wildwood Beach, the ever-changing 1.8-mile circuit brought together 90 side-by-side (SXS) racers: 30 in the SXS Pro Class and 60 in the SXS Sportsman Class.

To kick off the cloudy and rainy afternoon, seven heat races were held: three in the Pro Class and four in the Sportsman Class. The three Pro Class heats consisted of 10 racers each, all of whom advanced to the main event. For the Sportsman Class, the top five finishers from each heat qualified for the main event. Additionally, two last chance qualifier heats rounded out the starting grid, adding six more racers from each heat to the Sportsman Class main event totaling 32 drivers.


After the green flag kicked off the Pro Class race, Leaverton secured the holeshot to take an early lead, maintaining top position throughout and ultimately winning the race with an average lap time of 3:15.548. The remaining podium positions were contested in an ever-changing field, with Tyler Coletti finishing second after starting fourth on the grid with an average lap time of 3:23.715. Rounding out the podium in third was returning racer John Barnes, who began the race from fifth on the grid and finished with an average pace of 3:24.89.


The action continued in the Sportsman Class with Smith starting third on the grid, taking the lead on the sixth lap, and ultimately climbing to the top step of the podium with an average lap time of 3:27.134. Codey St. Martin secured the second spot on the podium after starting from the second grid position and briefly taking the lead on the fifth lap, with an average lap time of 3:27.843. Michael Merryman took the third spot on the podium after starting ninth on the grid and making it through the field with an average lap time of 3:31.502.


SXS Pro Class

  1. Corbin Leaverton – 22:27.944
  2. Tyler Coletti – 23:31.313
  3. John Barnes – 23:42.386

SXS Sportsman Class

  1. Devin Smith – 24:02.577
  2. Codey St. Martin – 24:04.384
  3. Michael Merryman – 24:45.318



“I have been watching it drizzle all day, so I knew the start was going to be a major key here. It’s also a little bit of a tight track, so I knew it was going to take a little bumping and banging to make it through the pack. I knew the visibility was bad, so I had that advantage in the front and built a little bit of a gap. This doesn’t usually go that smoothly. It comes together every once in a hundred races you do, so I’ll take it for this time.” - Corbin Leaverton

“This year was so rowdy. Last year, the event was new, it was our first time here doing it, and this year, everyone came out. It was pretty wild. We were all battling each other as hard as we could and sending it as hard as we could. It was an amazing time. Next time, we just need to put some tearoffs on our helmets.” - Seth Quintero

“It was hardcore, for sure. That was the gnarliest visibility-wise race I have ever done in my life. Between the fog in the inside of my helmet and the sand and the mud on the outside, I couldn’t see anything the entire time. That definitely made it hard to do anything. I spent the whole time trying to survive.” - Austin “AJ” Jones

"Having to drive through ruts was so fun. I felt like I was racing motocross. It was really technical, which I love, and the cars were a blast. They just tip over really easily. I rolled in my heat race because I was running really good, so I started in the back. But it was alright, I had a blast.” - Scott Speed



Red Bull Beach Scramble marked the third event in the 2024 Red Bull Scramble Series National Championship. Leaverton remains in the top spot on the Pro Class overall leaderboard after competing this weekend, amassing a total of 285 points. Jones moved into second in the standings with a total of 156 points after finishing sixth this weekend. With three different winners in the Sportsman Class so far this season, there is a three-way tie for first between Kaden Isodella, Reece Fulham, and Smith at 100 points.

The remaining 2024 schedule features four unique locations:

  • June 22, Red Bull Solstice Scramble in Wasilla, Ala.
  • October 12, Red Bull Farm Scramble in Garwin, Iowa

Red Bull Scramble Series National Championship

The Red Bull National Championship is separated into two classes: the Pro Class for more experienced racers and the Sportsman Class for amateur off-road enthusiasts. While no single race is the same, both classes will follow the same points structure per race and will abide by the same tiebreaker (as required) for the season. The Pro Class and Sportsman Class National Scramble Series Championship is determined by the best four finishes and best three finishes each driver achieves throughout the season, respectively.