The Off-Road Racer Podcast

Episode 53: Kilian Hamlin

May 30, 2024
Kilian Hamlin

In this episode of the Off-Road Racer Podcast, I sit down with my business partner and cousin Kilian Hamlin. We start the episode talking about Kilian’s accidental start in off-road. Kilian planned on visiting California for a concert, and ended up staying for the next 15 years, pursuing a career in off-road media and event promotion. Moving up to the present, we talk about the current state of the Mint 400, both as a race and as a spectated and sponsored event, and give some insight into the inner-workings of the events we put on. We then talk about our future plans as an off-road racing series, putting on more events in the future, and how we plan to increase the production value of our current events moving forward. I’m your host Matt Martelli, and this IS the Off-Road Racer Podcast.

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