Bored at home? Check out this list of Off-Road videos online

We know, this situation right now sucks but the least ammount of time we spend outside the faster this will go back to normal. So if you miss having your face full of dust we have a half-solution for you! We putted together a list of the best Off-Road videos available online!

Streaming services, Prime Video

It seems Amazon Prime Video has the biggest catalog for Off-Road videos available to rent or buy, If you don’t mind give a few bucks more to Amazon, this is the best solution to get as close to the dirt as possible!

Dust to Glory and Dust 2 Glory
Moto The Movie series
True Champion: The Johnny Campbell Story

Red Bull Signature Series

I guess at this point makes no sense to introduce RedBull video series, but in case you live under a rock, Red Bull create not just a drink but a whole world of content in the action sports industry, go check out the channel to explore their documentaries or past event coverages

The Blue Armada
Paying the Price
Sebastien Loeb: Off Roads

Youtube: Movaje Traveler

In the unlimited pool of videos we found an channel full of vintage videos from the 80’s and 90’s, complete tv shows from races of every kind, like Baja’s, Best in the Desert, Mickey Thompsons Stadium Races, the list goes on and on, this channel is a total youtube treasure.

1989 Mint 400
Terrible Herbst Baja 1000 Documentary
1995 Baja 1000
And a long etcetera.

The Mint 400 Documentary TV Shows

The Mint 400 has the best TV shows currently, Mad Media does a killer job showcasing The Mint in a new way every year and you can see all of them from the 2010 edition all way to 2019 for free!

Click here to head straight to the playlist.

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