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Weddle SWEET 16: Biggest shootout race in MORE history

Johnson Valley, CA — This year’s TJ Craig Memorial Weddle Sweet 16 was the biggest shootout race in MORE history. On race day, forty-three 1600 cars lined up at the start for a piece of the whopping $62,525 purse. The Weddle Sweet 16, held in conjunction with the MORE PCI 300, was the third and final event of the 2022 Weddle Shootout Series.

With over 40 1600 cars entered, the Weddle Sweet 16 was a battle royale. Cole Hardin led the pack for most of the day and looked like the eventual winner, but in a stroke of phenomenally bad luck on the last lap, Hardin’s car barrel rolled. Miraculously, his team patched it together. Hardin finished the race but the crash took him out of podium contention.

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In the end, Mike Malloy elbowed his way to first Weddle-equipped 1664, earning him the 2022 Weddle Sweet 16 Crown along with a whopping $19,000 dollar check. 1623 Justin Cockrell finished second and took home an $8,000 check. 1634 Curt Greer finished third and earned $5,800 for his efforts. Payouts went to the top 20 Weddle Sweet 16 racers. Cole Hardin did not leave empty handed. He earned a $1,125 check for 15th place and took home the True Grit award.

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Weddle-equipped teams top 4 podiums at the PCI 300. Along with Malloy’s Sweet 16 win, Weddle-equipped teams found glory at the PCI 300. In Class 10, Adam Pfankuch and the boss, Ron Weddle, finished first in Weddle S5-equipped 1089. Ray Promer snagged the Class 5U win in Weddle S5-equipped 5013 and 925 Brad Arts took the top spot in Class 9.

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The 2022 Weddle Sweet 16 was one for the books. A huge thanks to all the event co-sponsors, race teams, volunteers and Cody and Danielle Jeffers for making this season one to remember.

Top Finishers at the 2022 MORE PCI 300
September 24 2022, Johnson Valley, CA

2022 TJ Craig Memorial Weddle Sweet 16 Shootout
CLASS 1600
1. 1664 Mike Malloy — Weddle-equipped
2. 1623 Justin Cockrell — Weddle-equipped
3. 1634 Curt Geer -— Weddle-equipped

1. 1089 Ron Weddle/Adam Pfankuch — Weddle S5
2. 1055 Tom Coons — Weddle S5

1. 5013 Ray Promer -— Weddle S5
2. 5047 Adam Spitz — Weddle S5

Unlimited Truck
2. 79 Eric Hardin — Albins ST6

1. 925 Brad Aarts— Weddle-equipped
2. 926 Don Wood — Weddle-equipped