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Off-Road Racing Sponsorship 101. Part 5: Your website is your most powerful tool!

There is no better bang for your buck than your website. Everybody is going to Google you and base their opinion on what they find. Especially now that social media has evolved their model to charge you to reach your fans. Have a professional, well-organized website built and update it frequently. Even between races you need to do updates. Frequency is key. I can’t tell you how bad it is when a team either doesn’t have a website or it hasn’t been updated.  You’re basically telling your fans and potential sponsors “I don’t care about you.” If you cannot afford a multi-page website, keep it to a basic page. At the end of the day, fans and potential sponsors alike are going to Google you. It’s up to you what they find. If there is one area to emphasize your marketing spend it’s your website. Without a good website, you might as well not show up to the race! You are what people Google.

mills racing website mad media
Mills Motorsports have a clean, concise well organized website created by Mad Media.
vaughn gittin jr website
Vaughn Gittin Jr. has a clean image driven website that allows fans access to consume his brand.
justin lofton website bink designs
Justin Lofton has a clean website built by Reef Creative that focuses on highlighting the video content he is producing via Youtube.

It doesn’t matter whether you race a Class 1, Trophy Truck, Class 10 or a UTV, you can get sponsored! Getting sponsors for your off-road racing program requires time and effort, but it’s not impossible to find a company to sponsor your race car. Check back weekly, we’ll be sharing sponsorship best practices from veteran off-road racers and industry experts.

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Matt Martelli

Founder of Mad Media, a multidisciplinary creative and marketing firm and CEO of Off-Road Racer, UTV Underground, The Mint 400, The California 300, and Dirt Co. Matt is one of the biggest influences in Off-Road Racing today.